July 2024: Abstract Floral Paintings

Abstract Floral Paintings

I’m so happy to share a behind-the-scenes studio look at my (in progress) new series of abstract floral paintings. I have been busy with this new work for the past few months and am pleased with their direction.  Here’s what I have been focusing on to get these paintings started in my studio.


Why Abstract Floral Paintings

Since finishing my last series of abstract landscape paintings I have been toying with the idea of making abstract floral work because it’s a subject that initially tweaked my interest during lockdown. While at home & without the ability to work from my studio, I began to make studies of my house plants. Four years on and I’m finally putting those initial floral studies made in my visual diary to use!

Abstract Floral Paintings
Study on paper from my new series of abstract floral paintings


Starting A New Series of Paintings

I spent five years creating and developing my last series of paintings, Abstract Landscapes. The work matured dramatically over that period and having developed such an in-depth relationship with that series it’s naturally going to influence my next body of work.

The shape of rocks that I used continuously in that series was the starting point for this series. I wanted to push that shape further giving it an ethereal petal-like quality. Floral paintings can be a generic theme for artists but I’ve been working against that idea. I wanted my floral paintings to be a little unexpected, not what the viewer would anticipate when considering floral-themed paintings. They’re a bit awkward, and a bit scratchy but with a lot of personality!

Abstract Floral Paintings
Work in progress


Palette for New Abstract Floral Paintings

It was important to me to push my palette down the tertiary colour route. I’m playing with colours that I’m not very familiar with dull greens, orcher-ed yellows and grey, green blues. I’ve been contrasting these ‘quiet colours with loud pinks, greens and turquoise which has created fun colour bursts.


Once these paintings are finished, they will be framed and posted to my website. Subscribers get first access so if you are not already signed up please do so below!


Aisling Drennan is an award-winning abstract artist with a London, UK-based art studio.

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