June 2024: Summer In My Art Studio

aisling drennan's art studio

I love my art studio but I particularly love summer in my art studio. The weather is better so my commute to and from work is more enjoyable, I leave my studio door open to let in fresh air so I tend to have more art chats with other artists along my corridor and the paint on my paintings dries a bit quicker in the heat!

art studio of aisling drennan


This summer has been pretty busy in my art studio. As I write this I’m feeling some serious gratitude to be able to say that. As a freelancer, each January I try to populate my calendar but one is never quite sure how the year ahead will go. However, sometimes that’s half the fun of what I do because I’m open to saying ‘Yes’ to unexpected opportunities that come along plus if my work was predictable I would find it boring! Here’s what has been happening in my art studio:


New series of paintings

One of my aims for this year was to get a solid new series of paintings underway in my studio. I’ve been working on abstract floral paintings for the last few months and now I have a good feeling that the work is coming together. Currently, my art studio wall is full of painting studies, palette plays and variants of mark-making. It’s been very satisfying seeing these new works emerge and I’m looking forward to the direction they will take.



art studio wall
                      Main art studio wall


art studio
Snap shot of new floral paintings in progress on my art studio wall


Painting Commission

I’ve just finished a commission for a lovely client who is renovating a house and was looking for new artwork to fit in with his design plans. Commissioning a painting is a very unique process where I like to understand my client’s needs. Here is a recent blog I wrote with more information on commissioning a painting from me.


London Art Consultant


I’ve just started working with London art consultant Interrupted Art. Their ethos and approach to art buying is very contemporary and I’m looking forward to building a successful working relationship with them. Check them out here


Culture Picks


This month I was featured on RTE’s Culture Picks by choreographer and founder of Eiru dance company Brendan De Gallai. Brendan has a couple of my paintings and I was delighted to be included in his culture listings


So June has been a pretty good month, let’s see what July brings!

Aisling Drennan is an award-winning abstract artist with a London, UK-based art studio.

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