February 2023: Artist and Mother

artist and mother

This is my first creative journal entry since having baby Caolán. Now as an artist and mother, I’d like to share what’s been happening with my work since becoming a parent.

Where I was

In my last entry, I was nine months pregnant and wrote about art and motherhood. Since then, my life has been wonderfully altered. I have learned so much and truly having a baby has been the most human experience. And while riding this new wave of life with Caolán, it was important for me as an artist and mother to get back into work because I love what I do and it’s part of my identity. Also, my art is my business and I needed & looked forward to getting stuck back into it.

(Side note you go through a slight identity crisis becoming a parent because everything shifts in the most extraordinary and unexpected way. You come out the other end completely different but the same- it takes time to get your head around it!). 

artist and mother
At my studio with a 1-month-old baby Caolàn

Where I am

My ‘get back to work’ goal was my studio’s annual open studio event at Delta House Studio. I managed to do this by fitting it around breastfeeding (thank you Simon for driving baby back and forth to my studio!)- being an artist with a baby indeed teaches you how to juggle. Our open studio event happens every October and it’s a part of my calendar I really look forward to as many collectors of my work come to say Hello and it is a relaxed, easy setting in which to exhibit my paintings.

Caolán is now 10 months old and has been to the studio frequently with me. And of course, I cannot forget my studio assistant Nina Simone who trots alongside the pram on the way to work!

My fur baby Nina Simon

What’s Next

I had been back working in my studio since mid-October last year but it’s only now that I feel I have the headspace to start writing again and try to remember how to actually to work my website- can’t blame baby brain anymore!

So on that note now would be a  good time to introduce myself…..

My name is Aisling & I am an abstract expressionist painter. My current work is based on rock landscapes found on the west coast of Ireland. I use oil paint, oil bar, charcoal & masking tape to build and shape each painting I make. My work is process based meaning I repeat a lot of the same painting techniques and share these regularly to give insight into how I create while providing an intimate understanding of my paintings & studio practice.

I sell original paintings & prints through my website, and Instagram page, direct from my studio (Delta House Studios SW17 0BA) and via exhibition. 

My next exhibition is at The Other Art Fair 9-12 March at The Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. If you are already a subscriber to my work you will soon be receiving complimentary tickets from me. If you are not already signed up I share sporadic exhibition and studio news. I promise I won’t be bombarding your inbox as we all know how annoying that is!

I share a lot of my creative process as I believe art is for everyone plus authenticity & openness are part of my painting practice. I like my online presence to be a welcoming space whether you are new to the art world or a seasoned collector. I get many DM’s about my work so please feel free to join the question party! 

I love what I do & genuinely feel grateful to have my studio to create in. Thank you for your support & patience as I navigate motherhood and creativity💫

Aisling Drennan is an award-winning abstract artist with a London, UK-based art studio.

Please get in touch to book a studio visit.

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