Wow, I’ve been listed as one of “Eight Contemporary Irish Female artists to fall in love with” by @mayday.mag.

What a compliment and I’m in great company being listed with some fantastic artists to watch for 2021. This is my first interview with an American magazine and as an Irish contemporary artist, I’m feeling chuffed!

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Evening Call, 2021, oil paint, oil bar & charcoal on panel board, 40x40cm £900

Artists to watch 2021- Read the article here 

Being an Irish artist, below was my favourite question:

What excites you about the art scene in Ireland today? 

I think the art scene in Ireland today is vigorous and dynamic in its own right. There are many respectful contemporary artists working in Ireland with a broad, experienced and well-informed practice that is continually enhancing the development of art in Ireland. I also think there’s a lot of cross-discipline interaction between art, dance, theatre & music which isn’t surprising given Irelands rich history of arts and culture. I hope this continues to grow and gain support particularly during this global pandemic where unfortunately the arts are taking a serious thrashing. 

I’d like to highlight Irish arts organisations that have helped me through my career. I received The Freyer award for excellence in contemporary painting from the Royal Dublin Society of Arts when I graduated from CAMM, GMIT. This award gave me a great boost in confidence as a fledgeling artist and allowed recognition for my art practice. The Arts Council of Ireland & Clare Arts Office provided me with funding awards and bursaries so that I had a financial helping hand in undertaking my Master studies at Central Saint Martins

Throughout 2020 and the Covid pandemic I was kept up to date about what was happening in the arts by the Visual Artists Ireland association and their webinars, seminars and artist interviews online. Also in 2020, the Royal Ulster Academy selected a painting of mine for their annual exhibition and I received an arts bursary award from the Women’s Irish Network in conjunction with the UK Irish embassy. So I think the support I’ve received as an Irish contemporary artist gives a good insight into Ireland’s art scene! 

irish artist aisling drennan in her London UK art studio
Contemporary Irish artist Aisling Drennan in her London, UK studio.