I was able to get back in to my studio this month which felt great. I was lucky to be able to do some small bits ‘n’ bobs of painting at home but nothing beats having your own space to get really stuck in and not be worried about getting paint everywhere!

Working at home during lockdown was spent developing my visual diaries. It began to feel like an ‘at home’ art residency. I think it actually helped to consider it this way because I could tell myself this is just for a short period- a residency- until lockdown and some sense of normality comes into our lives again.

Now back in my space I am developing the studies I made in my diary. Transferring what I was thinking onto a larger scale and pulling more direction from the palette/ marks/ collage I played with while at home. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to ‘finish’ work firstly because I don’t need to (my upcoming shows have been postponed/ cancelled) and secondly I’m having fun just seeing where all this doodling and playing with paint will take me- it’s all an adventure!

image: Vox, 2020, oil paint, oil bar and charcoal on primed fabriano, 36x45cm