You know when you get some good news, like really good news? Well I had one of those days today!


I am thrilled to be a 2020 Arts Bursary Award recipient from the Women’s Irish Network (WIN) in conjunction with the UK Irish Embassy. This news has just lifted me up because due to Covid I’ve lost all scheduled exhibitions, art fairs & teaching positions- to to have this boost is just unreal!

Also, I’m really proud to be associated with an organisation where the onus is focused on women supporting women- what a great platform to be growing with- 2020 is finally turning around for me!

A little bit about WIN:

Founded over 23 years ago as a voluntary organisation, WIN is committed to empowering, enhancing and educating women. We do this by bringing our members and their friends together for inspiring events whilst encouraging an inclusive community.
WIN has successfully raised over £525,000 for our selected charity, the Irish Youth Foundation ( This is made possible through the WIN Membership and our networking events, with funds going directly to community projects that support those in need, including;
– Help for the homeless
– Employment and training schemes
– Women and children escaping violence
– Young offenders
– Irish Travellers
– Mental health
– Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes
– Cross-community initiatives
– Social and cultural activities encouraging young people’s
awareness of their Irish heritage.



Thank you WIN- Looking forward to what comes next!

Image: In my studio @deltahousestudios London