March 2024: 5 Unique Defining Moments in Abstract Art

abstract expression and abstract art

Don’t you agree that abstract art is a term that often brings images of swirling colours, geometric shapes, and perhaps a sense of mystery? Do you ever think about how this revolutionary style come to be? You will go through it with me today, tracing its journey, revealing its moments of innovation and sheer artistic […]

Jan 2024: New Year, New Website!

new website, Aisling Drennan in her studio

A big job on my to-do list for 2024 is finishing my new website. I’m not a natural tech person and building out, formatting and trying to make navigating my website an experience with ease takes time but I’m almost there! This will be the third edition of my website. I’ve had new studio photos […]

Dec 2023: It’s been a great year!

great year

2023 has been a great year for my art practice and professional growth. When the year began I made a list of intentions of how I would roughly like the year to unfold (this is my version of a business plan!) and a lot of what I imagined materialised.   I was feeling a little […]

Nov 2023: Contemporary Artist

Contemporary artist Aisling Drennan

As my creative journal is receiving more online attention I would like to introduce myself again and share some background on how I became a contemporary artist. I am originally from Co.Clare on the west coast of Ireland but have been London, UK-based for over eleven years now. As I write, it’s a little surreal […]

September 2023: Abstract landscape paintings

Abstract landscape paintings by aisling drennan

In 2019 I began making abstract landscape paintings. I never thought I would make work in response to a landscape as it had not appealed to me and at the time I was interested in the materiality of oil paint and how it could be structured, manipulated and played with. There are many options in […]

August 2023: Abstract Artist Interview with The Career Relaunch Podcast

abstract artist interview with aisling drennan

Suspension 2, 2023, oil paint and oil bar on paper, 43x53cm I was recently invited to do an abstract artist interview with Joseph Liu from the Career Relaunch Podcast. During the interview, I shared my journey from professional Irish dancer with Riverdance to becoming a full-time artist and all the ups and downs in between. […]

July 2023: Open Art Studio, London

open art studio 2017 aisling drennan

An open art studio is a space where artists can create work while also allowing the public to visit and observe their process and meet the artists. I genuinely love telling people about our open art studio events because I’ve found that art studios and how artists work in their space is something that intrigues […]

June 2023: Are Art Fairs Worth It?

are art fairs worth it? Aisling Drennan at the other art fair

Are art fairs worth it? Participating in art fairs is a relatively new experience for me. If I’m honest it took me a while to get my head around doing one as I’m an artist more used to showing with galleries where they do the marketing, selling etc. I’ve just been accepted once again to […]

May 2023: Irish Abstract Art

Irish abstract art

For as long as I have been a practitioner of painting I have been making abstract work. Over the last 4 years, I have been making Irish abstract art as my current body of work is inspired by Irish landscapes such as The Burren in Co. Clare on the west coast of Ireland. Swing Time, […]

April 2023: How to buy original art online

How to buy original art online

How to buy original art online has peaked with the rise of artists selling work through their websites. Here’s how I began selling my paintings online. Being able to sell my art online has been a game-changer for me. However, it took a while to get my head around this because I originally thought ‘How […]

April 2023: Contemporary Artist in London Interview

contemporary artist in london_aisling drennan

This month I was invited to chat about being a contemporary artist in London with Stan from the Art by Artists YouTube channel. What We Discussed In this interview about being a contemporary artist in London Stan wanted to know about my background and how I came to be based in London. I originally came […]

April 2023: Behind the Artist- Contemporary Abstract Landscape Artist Interview

Contemporary Abstract Landscape Artist

Recently Sophie Skelton from Behind the Artist invited me to chat with her about my work as a contemporary abstract landscape painter and how I became an artist. Flaxen, 2023, oil paint, charcoal and oil bar on board, 40x40cm On Being a Contemporary Abstract Landscape Artist It’s always a compliment when people reach out to […]

March 2023: The Other Art Fair London

the other art fair

Delighted to share that I have been selected for stand #140 at The Other Art Fair London 2023 in the renowned Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. Find complimentary tickets here! See below for tickets & find me at stand #140. Please visit and use the below codes for Opening night (Thursday 5-10pm) Friday (1-9pm) Saturday […]

February 2023: Artist and Mother

artist and mother

This is my first creative journal entry since having baby Caolán. Now as an artist and mother, I’d like to share what’s been happening with my work since becoming a parent. Where I was In my last entry, I was nine months pregnant and wrote about art and motherhood. Since then, my life has been […]

Dec 2021: Live Studio Update/ Making more than paintings this year!

making more than paintings this year

I’ve been making more than paintings this year, I’ve also been making a baby! This is my final 2021 live studio update & I sign off with some happy, personal news. I’ve been making more than paintings this year as I’ve also had a little baby growing inside me as I’ve been growing my art […]

April 2022: Exhibition in New York City!

exhibition in new york city

Thrilled to have one of my paintings accepted for an exhibition in New York City. “In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of….” sorry, can’t help myself! This song has been in my head since I received an email earlier today that I have had my painting ‘Burst, 2022’ selected for an exhibition […]

April 2022: Contemporary Irish Abstract Painter

contemporary irish abstract painter

Recently I was asked to do an interview with ‘The Life of Stuff’ blog about being a contemporary Irish abstract painter. Read the full article here. It’s both flattering and a pleasure when someone is interested enough in my work and what I do to write about it in their own blog! The ‘Life of […]

April 2022: Art and Motherhood

art and motherhood

How does art and motherhood work together?  I’m about to have my first baby & I’ve been thinking about this over for the last nine months.  I’m currently sitting on my bed at home with my dog Nina Simone snuggled at my feet. Today is my due date and I’m having all the feels of […]

March 2022: Large Abstract Paintings for Sale

large abstract paintings for sale

New large abstract paintings for sale are now available from my website or please book a studio appointment if you are in the London area. Delighted to have new large abstract paintings for sale from my website again as I was almost out of stock! I have been working on this series of paintings since […]

March 2022: Large modern oil paintings

large modern oil paintings

In this week’s live studio chat I share my newest large modern oil paintings Hello, hello! This week’s live studio chat from my studio at Delta House studios here in London shows my newest large modern oil paintings. I discuss the painting processes I used and the paint decisions I had to make while creating […]

March 2022: Abstract Artist 2022

abstract artist 2022

Hello & welcome to my creative journal where I document my work and life as an abstract artist 2022. On my website, you will find my most recent portfolio of work which includes original abstract paintings, fine art prints & abstract paintings on paper. You will also find my creative journal which gives insights into […]

March 2022: Large Abstract Yellow Paintings

large abstract yellow paintings

New large abstract yellow paintings will soon be available from my website. Watch the finishing video of these works in my studio update here. Hello, Hello! This week I finished two large abstract yellow paintings, one of which is really pushing my work in a different direction and challenging my current painting practice. Once dry, […]

Feb 22: Large Abstract Oil Paintings on Canvas

large abstract oil paintings on canvas

This week I chat through developments on my new large abstract oil paintings on canvas. My in-progress large abstract oil paintings on canvas have behaved a lot better this week than last week! In this video I chat through their development and the importance of experimentation on a painting in progress- you have to embrace […]

Feb 2022: Small Original Abstract Paintings for Sale

Small Original Abstract Paintings for Sale

New small original abstract paintings for sale are now available from my website! I’ve started a new body of work for 2022 & when beginning new work I have a process of getting under way with small paintings and scaling up as I move through the work. Below are the first paintings from this new […]

Feb 2022: Large abstract canvas art UK

large abstract canvas art

On this weeks studio update, I have scaled up to make some large paintings and talk through their early stages of making- they are not going to plan! However this is all part of the painting process as I explain in my video udate. It’s great to be painting large again (large abstract canvas art […]

Feb 2022: Original Small Abstract Art

original small abstract art

I’ve finished my original small abstract art paintings and they will soon be available via my newsletter. Here is the final video on the making of these paintings These paintings have been inspired by paintings I made last year. To see more of my work from last year please visit here. All paintings are made […]

Feb 2022: How to Explain Abstract Art

how to explain abstract art

How to explain abstract art can be intricate as some people find it inaccessible or hard to relate to. In this studio update I explain and discuss the current paintings I’m workin on including painting process and techniques. This week for my live studio update I’m discussing how to explain abstract art through sharing develops […]

Feb 2022: Yellow Abstract Paintings

yellow abstract paintings

I now have yellow abstract paintings available as part of my painting portfolio. It’s taken me a while to get used to the colour yellow on my palette and here I explain why. It’s January, it’s grey outside so I figured using yellow on my palette would be a good way to start off the […]

Jan 2022: How to begin a painting

how to begin a painting

How to begin a painting is a question that initiates a lot of curiosity particularly when it comes to abstract painting. In this weeks live studio update I chat about my process for making new abstract paintings. I will be offering four of these paintings for £250 each via my mailing list (sign up). You […]

Jan 2022: Contemporary abstract artist UK 2022

contemporary abstract artist uk 2022

As a contemporary abstract artist uk 2022 and it been the start of a new year I thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce myself to new collectors and followers of my contemporary abstract paintings Hello, 2022! I’m looking forward to the year ahead, which is a nice feeling that I’m grateful for […]

Jan 2022: Creating Abstract Paintings

creating abstract paintings

I’ve just begun a new body of work. Creating abstract paintings requires various paint processes and techniques which I explain and share in this video. Each week I make live studio updates from my painting studio in southwest London, UK. Through these, I share what’s happening in my studio and insights into my life as […]

Dec 2021: Live Studio Update/ / Brian Vallely, art exhibition tour

art exhibition tour

This week I’m giving you an art exhibition tour of the fabulous work of Brian Vallely live from Armagh Market Place Theatre. I first became aware of Brain Vallely’s work when we exhibited together at the 2015 London Irish art exhibition held in Central Hall Museum in Westminster and hosted by Sol art gallery, Dublin. […]

Dec 2021: Live Studio Update/ Painting Inspiration

painting inspiration

This week I’m back in Ireland for a break from London which gives me the perfect opportunity to share my painting inspiration with you. If you have followed me for a while you will be aware of my interest and interpretations of stone landscapes and how I use these as a source of painting inspiration […]

Nov 2021: Live Studio Update/ Open Art Studios London at Delta House Studios

open art studios london

This week I’m sharing how I’ve set up my studio for Delta House’s Open Art Studios event. This is our second open art studios event at Delta House Studios where you can come meet the makers and browse some fantastic artwork! Also, Irish followers I regularly drive home and often take work back to collectors […]

Nov 2021: Me and Gordan Ramsay at the Savoy Hotel!

gordan ramsay at the savoy

When Gordan Ramsay and his creative team come knocking on your studio door, you know something fun is about to happen! Gordan Ramsay at the Savoy hotel with his new restaurant ‘The River Restaurant’ and has selected two of my large paintings ‘Slow Time’ and ‘Oscilate’  as part of its decor. So of course I […]

Nov 2021: Live Studio Update/ Open art studios near me

open art studios near me

Open art studios near me? Come and check out Delta House Studios open art studio event! Delighted we are able to have our annual open studio event again this year after having to cancel this in 2020 due to the Pandemic. In preparation for our open art studio, this week I’m painting my walls, sweeping […]

Nov 2021: Original art for sale London, UK

original art for sale london

Hello, my name is Aisling and if you are new to my website you must be interested in contemporary abstract paintings & original art for sale London- welcome to my website! I sell my work via my website, my Instagram and from my at Delta House Studios, South-West London. On my website, you will find […]

Oct 2021: Irish Abstract Painter

irish abstract painter

I am an Irish abstract painter based outside of my home country, why? I’m originally from Co. Clare off the west coast of Ireland. Between Covid & life stuff it’s almost two years since I was last at home but finally, I’m back again!  Every time I’m home I want to spend more time here […]

Oct 2021: Live Studio Update/ How to overcome creative block

how to overcome creative block

How to overcome creative block? As an artist creative block is something I’ve had to learn to deal with and in this post I share my secret! How to overcome creative block? Big question! Creative block can completely inhibit your creative work and leave you feeling lost- I hear you, I’ve been there and it’s […]

Oct 2021: What to do with a large empty wall?

what to do with a large empty wall?

I love getting DM’s and emails from people who are interested in having my paintings for their homes. The number one thing I get asked is what to do with a large empty wall? What to do with a large empty wall? Big question but there are lots of ways to fill a large empty […]

Sept 2021: Live Studio Update/ NFT Digital Art & British Abstraction

nft digital art

This week Nina (my brussels griffon pooch) took ourselves into central London to see NFT digital art and British Abstraction exhibitions NFT (non fungible token) digital art is a hot topic in the art world right now. I’m thinking about converting one or two paintings into nft’s and to help me learn more about this […]

Sept 2021: Live studio update 15 Sept 21/ New framed abstract oil paintings

Delighted to finally have my new collection of framed abstract oil paintings up on my website! In this video, I chat about my new framed abstract oil paintings and share a couple of my favourites. These framed paintings on paper were a pleasure to paint as I have not painted on paper in while. Painting […]

Sept 2021: New Small Abstract Paintings

small abstract paintings, framed abstract painting

This summer I downscaled and made a collection of small abstract paintings which has prooved to be a great painting experience! These works on paper have a real lightness to them that I enjoyed playing with because finding ‘lightness’ in painting is an element I’ve been working on for the past year. Lightness and balance lends […]

Sept 2021: Live Studio Update Sept 2 Sept 2021/ Creative Process Steps

creative process steps, aisling drennan italking about her painting process

This week I had a question about my creative process steps and how I make a painting. Process is a big part of my painting practice and I’m more than happy to share some elements of this with you! In this video I show the initial creative process steps I take to make a painting. […]

Aug 2021: Live Studio Update 25 Aug 2021/ contemporary abstract art for sale

small abstract paintings, contemporary abstract art for sale

Hello, this is my weekly live studio update and this week I have some contemporary abstract art for sale! In this weeks video, I share some recent small abstract paintings that will look fantastic once framed up. I’m offering these at £200 each and in this clip, I chat about options for framing and details […]

Aug 2021: Studio Update/ Van Gogh Alive London

van gogh alive london review

Hello from beautiful Kensington Gardens! It’s time for my weekly live studio update & for a change, I’m out of my studio to see the Van Gogh Alive London show. This is a very different way to view artwork and I fully appreciate a lot of amazing tech work has been put into bringing this […]

August 2021: London Art fair / Roy’s Art fair

Aisling Drennan at roys art fair, London art fair 2021

Sooo I’m not new to the London art fair calendar but I am new to showing at an artist-led art fair.  This month I am exhibiting at Roy’s art fair (12-15 Aug)  in the barge house at the Oxo Tower on London’s beautiful South-Bank (sweet location!).  Roy’s Art Fair was created in 2017 to give […]

July 2021: Live Studio Update/ Good News! Small Abstract Paintings for Sale

contemporary abstract painting by aisling drennan using unique painting processes

This week I’m sharing a collection of recently finished small abstract paintings for sale. These paintings are £200 each and will be available through my newsletter next week. You can sign up for my newsletter via the pop-up form or see below for details. If you’re not a fan of newsletters, no worries! I’ll be […]

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