May 2021: Gifting art- What to buy an art lover?

original abstract art for sale, large blue abstract painting

Sometimes finding an unusual gift can be daunting particularly if it’s for someone close to you and you want to really surprise them with something different!

An original abstract painting or abstract art print is unique and thoughtful because few gifts are more memorable than original fine art. I LOVE when people ask me about buying a painting or print as a gift because firstly it’s really flattering and secondly how amazing would it be to receive a work of art as a present- talk about an original birthday gift idea! 

It’s Unexpected & exclusive

As you have taken the time to research and think about the type of art that will suit your loved one, gifting a work of art is automatically very personal. The piece you choose will be a one off (excluding prints) meaning the artist has taken time to produce this work just for your loved one. Receiving something so unique will without a doubt make the recipient feel very special. Art lasts a lifetime and the memory of this gift will last with it.

Go for something original

Try not to pick artwork that has been overproduced and common. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers will not have the same significance as the work of contemporary artists. To help with this you could reach out to artists or galleries near you to get an idea of what is suitable and which artists work you like. 

original abstract painting by artist aisling drennan. gifting art
Glory Box, 2021, oil paint, oil bar & charcoal on panel board, 40x40cm £900

Here are a few things to consider when gifting art:    

1. If you find an artist whose work you like why not get in touch and book a studio appointment. This way you can chat through which colour palette, dimension and style will best suit the recipient. There’s no pressure to buy in these situations. Buying art takes time to consider and a studio visit gives you a great opportunity to find out more about the work and the artist who made it. I have some Instagram followers who watch what I’m producing for up to two years before getting in touch about purchasing a painting. Also, you may want more than one studio visit before making up your mind plus seeing the work in reel time is very effective to help your decision making. If for some reason you cannot physically visit the artist’s studio you could request a zoom call and virtually see their studio and the current work they are making. Here’s a virtual studio tour I did with Cass Art blog recently to give you an idea.

2. If you’re still a little nervous or unsure about what you have selected you could ask the artist if it would be ok to bring the person you are buying for to the studio of the artist whose work you like and surprise them! Art studio visits are a lovely experience because you can see how the work was made and hear the back story. This option will also add to the memory of the artwork!

3. If you feel you need more time to consider the work of an artist you could ask the artist for a gift certificate. This way the recipient has time to think about where they would like to put the art in their home or if there are specifics they may like added to it. This is a bespoke gift and it may suit the recipient better to have it tailored to their taste.

original abstract art for sale by artist aisling drennan. gifting art for someone special
Harvest Moon, 2021, oil paint, oil bar & charcoal on panel board, 40x40cm £900

If you are thinking about gifting artwork, I hope this creative journal post has given you some good ideas! An original work of art is a really thoughtful gift, no one else has it and I think this is part of the joy of gifting original art. Please see my latest original abstract paintings, abstract paint studies & abstract art prints as a unique gift idea. If you would like to chat more or have other thoughts in mind, please get in touch.

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Thanks for reading, Aisling x

Aisling Drennan is an award-winning abstract artist with a London, UK-based art studio.

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