March 2022: Large Abstract Paintings for Sale

large abstract paintings for sale

New large abstract paintings for sale are now available from my website or please book a studio appointment if you are in the London area.

Delighted to have new large abstract paintings for sale from my website again as I was almost out of stock! I have been working on this series of paintings since January and they have taken me down many visual roads of decision making but have come together cohesively & I’m really pleased with them.

Each work is £1500 & made with oil paint, oil bar and charcoal on linen canvas (80x80cm). Please let me know if you would like a detailed video of a painting or we can organise a video call. If you are in the London area, I’m happy to organise a studio appointment for you & we can chat about the painting in person. As a subscriber, you can avail of free (UK & Ireland) shipping! 

large abstract paintings for sale
Swing Time, 2022, oil paint, charcoal and oil bar on linen, 80x80cm £1500

If you have been following me for a while you will have received updates about the making process for this work. If you are new to following me then please pop over here to see the beginning stages of this work which were small paintings on paper that I have now used to inform and direct the finished large work- it’s all about the process! To learn more about my painting practice please see my Artist Statement.

large abstract paintings for sale
Rock Roulette,2022, oil paint, charcoal and oil bar on linen, 80x80cm £1500

For me, these paintings are successful (trust me they don’t all turn out successful!) because I’ve drawn from the last series of paintings I made at the end of last year and also pushed myself out of my painting comfort zone.

I’ve tried different painting techniques and tried to disrupt and interrupt my painting process. I think this is an important element of being a painter. If I didn’t try to change and develop the paintings I make I’d still be making the same work I was making ten years ago. Of course, this works for some artists but personally, I feel creative progression is key. My work doesn’t change drastically from series to series but it changes in terms of tweaking my palette, composition and overall approach to how I make a painting.

large abstract painting for sale
Mirrored, 2022, oil paint, charcoal and oil bar on linen, 80x80cm £1500

Through the process of making I learn and fail. Both of these components are necessary for creative development. I know this through years of practice and understanding, on a very personal level, how painting works for me. I wrote a little about this in a journal entry from last year, read it here.

large abstract paintings for sale
Trifolium, 2022, oil paint, charcoal & oil bar on canvas, 80x80cm, £1500

These paintings were created at my studio in Delta House Studios in Earlsfield, SW London, UK. I’ve kept a studio there for the last four years. At this stage, my studio walls are as much part of the making as my paintbrushes and palette as I test a lot of ideas out on the walls before transferring them onto the canvas, it’s all very interactive! You can see this on my Instagram account as I post regular updates of what I’m painting and the day to day life of an artist.

large abstract painting for sale
Needle and Thread, 2022, oil paint, charcoal and oil bar on linen, 80x80cm £1500

This will be my last series of work for a little while as I will be taking a maternity break! I will still be available via Instagram & email, so please drop me a line with any questions. Thank you for your interest in my work, Aisling

large abstract paintings for sale_aisling drennan
In my happy place at Delta House Studios!

Aisling Drennan is an award-winning abstract artist with a London, UK-based art studio.

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