April 2024: The Online Art Collector

online art collector

Why choose to buy art online?


Honestly, if you had told me a couple of years ago I would be selling original art online I would have said ‘No, not my thing’. However, with the rise of the online art collector, I recently added e-commerce to my website to accommodate online sales. Here are some thoughts on something I thought I would never do…


The rise of art buying online


There have been online art galleries for many years however artists directly started to sell their work online when Covid-19 happened. At that time, the main streams of selling artwork like exhibitions, art fairs, and open studio events closed down but Covid opened a new door to the online art market for artists to showcase their art and themselves online.

Pink Rogue, 2023, 40x40cm

I began to seriously think about selling my art online with the #artistsupportpledge. This was an initiative founded by artist Matthew Burrows during the pandemic to keep artists supported. It was a simple pledge. Post your artwork on Instagram for £200 or less with the Artist Support Pledge logo. Once you sold six pieces of art, you would in turn go and support another artist participating in the pledge and buy artwork from them- a community of creative supporting networks. Non-artists could also follow the thread, and purchase artwork at an excellent rate while supporting the arts. I took part in this pledge and it certainly helped me keep paying my studio rent.


There’s a common assumption that artists don’t buy art. The thinking behind this is that artists only want to have their art on the walls at home- certainly not the case for me or for many other artists I know! 

online art collector
Blue Jay, 2023, 40x40cm


I buy art with my husband. We love the eclectic feel it gives our home as we have different tastes. We have bought art online. The main driver for this was if we found artwork online that we liked we were generally able to access more about the artist via their website or Instagram. It’s an opportunity to get to know their practice and how they make work and consider where their work could fit in our home. The ability to DM or email the artist directly and make a simple transaction online made the experience easy.


online art collector
Flaxen, 2023, 40x40cm

How has online art impacted my career

Once I moved my work online during Covid, my sales grew on an international level. This continues today and I would not have the reach to buyers I do now if I had not made that decision. Also, I’ve recently added a ‘Visit my studio’ option to my website so now the online art collector can come directly to my studio adding another dimension to purchasing work from me. Selling my art online has helped me gravitate not only in sales but also with confidence with how I run my business and have developed my art practice. Ultimately finding online art collectors has been a game changer for me that I am thoroughly enjoying!


Aisling Drennan is an award-winning abstract artist with a London, UK-based art studio.

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