Nov 2021: Original art for sale London, UK

original art for sale london

Hello, my name is Aisling and if you are new to my website you must be interested in contemporary abstract paintings & original art for sale London- welcome to my website!

I sell my work via my website, my Instagram and from my at Delta House Studios, South-West London. On my website, you will find original abstract paintings for sale, abstract paintings on paper for sale and colourful abstract art prints for sale in a range of sizes. 

My Instagram is kept up to date with videos of paintings in progress, the latest paintings and images of original art for sale London.  Every Wednesday at 6 pm I chat live on Instagram about what I’ve been up to in my studio that week, the painting techniques I use, demonstrations on how I make abstract paintings and share my life as an artist in general. Below is my most recent studio update:

Talking live about all things paint from my studio in south-west London

If you are London based or near London, I am happy to set up a studio visit where you can come and view my original abstract paintings and abstract paintings on paper. Please get in touch via my contact form or DM via Instagram. 

Also, this month we will be opening our doors again at Delta House Studios for our open studios weekend. This is a wonderful way to meet the makers, see where the artwork is made and buy original artwork for your home UK and best places to buy art online as most of us are selling our original artwork for sale online now since the pandemic began- let the virtual audiences and exhibitions grow!

original art for sale london
Sky Drawing, 2021, oil paint, oil bar & charcoal on panel board, 40x40cm

As 2021 winds down I’m starting to reflect on the paintings I’ve produced this year. I decided at the beginning of this year to change up my palette. I wanted to experiment with more subdued tones and to have a quietness about the work. My paintings in 2020 were a lot bolder, loud and attention-seeking whereas this year my paintings are about quiet drama; working the paint in and out through layers to find and also lose the composition until visually it sits, it’s comfortable and I know then that it’s finished. 

original art for sale london
Harvest Moon, 2021, oil paint, oil bar & charcoal on panel board, 40x40cm 

I started off on a small scale with ten 40×40 cm panel boards. Working on panel boards was also new to me and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on a wooden surface where the grain of the wood if I wanted, can show through the layers of paint- depending on how thin you apply it.

original art for sale london
Swings and Roundabouts, 2021, oil paint, oil bar & charcoal on panel board, 40x40cm

This body of work was successful for me in many ways. It moved my painting practice in a new direction and through these paintings I feel I’ve grown as an artist, that there’s more conviction in my style of painting. I feel there’s a lot I can pull from these paintings that will inspire future work so I’m currently scaling up and replication what I found worked best onto 80x80cm panels- let’s see how it goes! Check out my latest paintings here.

original art for sale london
Pomelo, 2021, oil paint, oil bar & charcoal on panel board, 40x40cm

I’ve documented the making of these works on my Instagram highlights or if you scroll down my grid you will find short videos for different stages of these paintings in progress.  

Also, at the beginning of this year, I decided to do live studio updates and properly commit to them. This was terrifying, to begin with, but I’ve had a fantastic response and connected with art collectors and admirers around the globe- all through me chatting from my little studio- it’s amazing how we can connect now.

The pandemic really taught me the importance of connecting online and putting my work into the online space. I’ve learned a lot, failed a bit but overall enjoyed doing it and look forward to continuing chatting to you all online

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any questions- Aisling

Aisling Drennan is an award-winning abstract artist with a London, UK-based art studio.

Please get in touch to book a studio visit.

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