Useful Mistakes, 60x60cm £200



Useful Mistakes was a key painting in my art practice in 2017 as inspired future work. At the time I was interested in paint’s materiality and how you could manipulate it to create a sense of structure on a 2D surface. It was also around this time that I began using masking tape to create dept by adding layers of paint in specific sections of a painting. This painting technique can be seen in the blue section of this work. A simple palette of primary colours is used finishing with a large gestural red brush mark. The original painting was shortlisted for the John Moores painting prize and was a featured painting for Fujitsu’s 2017 global media campaign.

This print is made with pigment ink on edition etching paper (310g) with a 5cm border.  It is produced using high-quality, professionally photographed images of the original painting. Once ordered each print is signed and dated then carefully packaged and boxed before registered shipping. Framing options are available, please enquire.

Packing & shipping costs: £20 UK & IRE £30 international shipping