June 2023: Are Art Fairs Worth It?

are art fairs worth it? Aisling Drennan at the other art fair

Are art fairs worth it? Participating in art fairs is a relatively new experience for me. If I’m honest it took me a while to get my head around doing one as I’m an artist more used to showing with galleries where they do the marketing, selling etc. I’ve just been accepted once again to […]

April 2023: Behind the Artist- Contemporary Abstract Landscape Artist Interview

Contemporary Abstract Landscape Artist

Recently Sophie Skelton from Behind the Artist invited me to chat with her about my work as a contemporary abstract landscape painter and how I became an artist. Flaxen, 2023, oil paint, charcoal and oil bar on board, 40x40cm On Being a Contemporary Abstract Landscape Artist It’s always a compliment when people reach out to […]

Oct 2021: What to do with a large empty wall?

what to do with a large empty wall?

I love getting DM’s and emails from people who are interested in having my paintings for their homes. The number one thing I get asked is what to do with a large empty wall? What to do with a large empty wall? Big question but there are lots of ways to fill a large empty […]

May 2021: Gifting art- What to buy an art lover?

original abstract art for sale, large blue abstract painting

Sometimes finding an unusual gift can be daunting particularly if it’s for someone close to you and you want to really surprise them with something different! An original abstract painting or abstract art print is unique and thoughtful because few gifts are more memorable than original fine art. I LOVE when people ask me about […]

April 2021: How to start buying art?

green and blue abstract paintings, buy abstract art online, original abstract paintings online, buy direct from artist online, aisling drennan, abstract painting uk, abstract painting ireland

What got me thinking about this? Over the last two years, I’ve had many new art buyers come to my studio (in between lockdowns) or get in touch online about how to start buying art. Now, perhaps more than ever, people are looking to fill their homes with points of interest, escapism and happiness as […]

April 2021: Blank Canvas Paralysis

abstract painter aisling drennan in her painting overalls at delta house studios in south west london. She is looking at blue abstract paintings. Abstract artists uk Abstract artists ireland Abstract artists modern Abstract artists contemporary Abstract artists on instagram, Modern art Modern wall art Modern abstract artists Best abstract artists Modern abstract art Modern abstract artists Modern abstract art oil painting Modern abstract art painting Modern abstract wall art Best contemporary abstract artists Best contemporary abstract painters Best, modern abstract painters, Female abstract artists Irish artist ,Irish female artist, Irish abstract artist, Irish abstract art, Irish abstract painters

Blank Canvas Paralysis is referenced as the inability to start something because of self-doubt- I can relate! A while back a blog interviewer asked me ‘What’s the most difficult part of starting a painting?’ Me, ‘The white square I know I have to fill and make something successful come from it’- no pressure! For years […]

Jan 2021: Simple Qualities of a Good Artist

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It’s January, it’s baltic outside and the UK has just gone into Lockdown for the third time since March. I’m thinking about the year ahead, I’m thinking about how other artists are fairing during Covid & I’m thinking about the qualities of a good artist, the points that make you push through and keep going […]

Dec 2020: Practical Materials used in Art

large abstract art print

Fabriano is one of those great practical materials used in art that has become a mainstay in my painting practice. Recently I was posting some paintings made on Fabriano which prompted a question via my Instagram ‘What is Fabriano?’ Fabriano is a type of paper that I started working with about three years ago. It’s […]

March 2020: Interview with ‘Crow of Minerva’ Blog

Aisling Drennan abstract painting using oil paint, oil bar and charcoal where to buy abstract painting how to understand abstract art why is abstract art interesting

A couple of months back I did an interview with ‘Crow of Minerva’ which is a blog that highlights women in the contemporary art world. https://www.crowofminerva.com here you can read about my career to date as an artist, the decisions I’ve made and mistakes I’ve learned from! Platforms like this are important so please give […]

Jan 2020: Then & Now…. 2010-2020!

Aisling Drennan abstract painting using oil paint, oil bar and charcoal where to buy abstract painting how to understand abstract art why is abstract art interesting red head red hair

It’s the 3rd of January and I’m sat in my studio thinking over the last decade- that then and now chat most of us have at this time of year. To jog my memory I flicked through my visual diary from 2010 when I was in the final year of my undergrad. in fine art […]

Jan 2019: Art at the Shard, London

Aisling Drennan abstract painting using oil paint, oil bar and charcoal where to buy abstract painting how to understand abstract art why is abstract art interesting

What fun to be exhibiting in one of London’s landmark buildings with Elevate exhibition Feb-Apr 2019. This insightful art exhibition in central London has been curated by ArtCan an art organisation that has a big focus on empowering artists #handsup!

Aisling Drennan is an award-winning abstract artist with a London, UK-based art studio.

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