Oct 2021: What to do with a large empty wall?

what to do with a large empty wall?

I love getting DM’s and emails from people who are interested in having my paintings for their homes. The number one thing I get asked is what to do with a large empty wall?

What to do with a large empty wall? Big question but there are lots of ways to fill a large empty wall and below I’ve listed a few that I hope will give you an idea of where to begin! Artwork but paintings in particular (I’m biased for obvious reasons!) are an excellent focal point in a room as they make a real statement, are an expression of your tastes and can certainly be used to fill that large empty wall that you’ve been pondering what to do with!

How to choose art for your home can be a difficult decision in general because there is so much choice. Maybe you want to achieve a focal point in interior design or you could have multiple focal points in a room that you would like to fill with art and not just one big empty wall! There are lots of options but I think it is a good idea to narrow it down when thinking about how to buy art for your home. Here are a couple of options to begin with:

Option1: Choosing artwork

Choose artwork for your home that will sit in line with how each room in the home is used. For example, you may want soft calming florals for the bedrooms, still lifes of foodie feasts for the dining areas and abstracts for the living room.

Option 2: Commission an artist online (if you can’t make it to their studio)

If you find an artist whose work you really like you could feature a selection of their paintings throughout your home which will represent your style, expressiveness and act as a wall art guide to your tastes. The online art market has really taken off which means you can commission an artist anywhere in the world if you don’t live close enough for a studio visit!

Say for example you have a big living room with a large empty wall that needs to be filled you could commission an artist to make a bespoke painting. If you’re not sure about painting commissions here’s a previous journal post I wrote with a guideline to follow when considering commissioning a painting.

Painting commissions are an easy step by step process. Start a conversation with the artist you would like to commission, be clear about what you are thinking, try not to preconceived the idea in your head as you need to accommodate artistic licence and trust them in their abilities to produce something wonderful for you!

Option 3:  Open studio event

Open studios are a great way to discover new art and you will definitely find some to fill that big empty wall with. At open studios, you can browse artwork and meet the makes in their studio space. Our next open studio event at Delta House Studios (where I keep my studio) is the last weekend of November this year. Check out the details here

Option 4: Gallery wall at home

Making a gallery of wall art at home is a really wonderful way to make a room interesting, eclectic and cosy. This way you can feature a range of artist works and vary it up between original artwork, fine art prints and maybe a couple of pieces you found at the local market. This can be super playful and is a chance to let your inner curator shine- making it fun will make it inspirational!

what to do with a large empty wall
Pomelo, 2021, oil paint, oil bar & charcoal on panel board, 40x40cm

Thanks for reading I hope this post has given you a couple of ideas for your large vacant wall! Aisling x

Aisling Drennan is an award-winning abstract artist with a London, UK-based art studio.

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